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Twitter Updates for 2012-12-09

I earned Messiah playing TowerMadness HD. Finally! #

Twitter Updates for 2012-12-08

@eventbrite Then I hope I don't get any EventBrite "newsletters/announcements" at the account I just created for an event I signed up for in reply to eventbrite # @eventbrite Thx, but I never created an account with you, I bought tickets to an event. I shouldn't get stuff from you, only from them. in reply […]

Twitter Updates for 2012-12-07

Why doesn't clicking on an artist in Apple iTunes 11 search take you to that artist's songs in your library? #bug # It's a shame that #ADNSecretSanta had to use spam service EventBrite to coordinate the event. # Spam Network

Since November 30th, I’ve been getting hammered by spam coming from many different places, but based on the message headers, it’s all part of the same spam network. – Bulgaria [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] – Portugal [] […]

Twitter Updates for 2012-12-04

@EnscriptedApp The second word in today's puzzle is spelled incorrectly. # @EnscriptedApp No worries, obviously I still solved the puzzle 🙂 Have a great day in reply to EnscriptedApp # @GoComics What's wrong with your web site? Comics are missing, truncated. Problems started on Saturday #frustrated #

Twitter Updates for 2012-12-02

It looks like the Richmond Times-Dispatch has removed all their RSS feeds from their site. I've asked them about the feeds. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-12-01

@ConstantContact How do I report a spammer to you who is using your email spam services? #