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Reach Marketing Spam

I have started receiving email spam from a company called “Reach Marketing” via a product known as ReachBase. I wonder why they think it is ok to send out spam on behalf of other companies? If a person did not opt-in to getting marketing messages, that means you don’t send that person your marketing message. Why is that so difficult for companies to understand? People shouldn’t have to opt-out of something they’ve never asked for in the first place.

This evening I submitted to them this message:
Why are you selling my email address to companies without my permission? When did I opt-in to your system? Show me the proof, the email I sent, or the IP address that was used to sign up on your web site. Thanks for your help. I’m sorry I had to use fake info in all fields above other than my email address, but I don’t trust you to not start sending me junk mail and telemarketing. That is, I think I submitted the message to them. Their idiotic comment system kept throwing out errors. Eventually the errors stopped, but no confirmation appeared that the message was sent.

So far, I’ve received spam from Fred Pryor Seminars, the New York Times and Intel. I find it amazing that huge, well-known companies like The NYT and Intel would resort to sending spam.

If you want to block this stuff, block all of the domains from to Yes, that is 51 domain names. Here is a text file you can copy and paste to your mail server’s access file. I’ll update this if I discover other domain names Reach Marketing is using to send out their drivel.