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Twitter Updates for 2012-08-30

@google Please set up the reverse DNS for the range: – And set a user-agent for your Feedfetcher bot! # Watch out for They're trying to automatically register new users on WordPress-based sites # Watch for spam from The Hastings Group No opt-out method, no response to email requests […]

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-29

Safari Reader is great, but I can't scroll to read the article. Arrow keys, pgup, pgdn only scroll the original article. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-28

@BoxHQ Is there a way for personal accounts to get files to their Box account directly from their computer? # @boxsupport Just checking to confirm there's no way to send files to my Box other than through the web site. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-26

Why do I get so many pop-up ads when I visit Minor League Baseball website? Because MiLB doesn't respect their customers .@minorleagues #

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-25

Just bought "Write Hard, Die Free" a history of Alaskan journalism: #freetoday #

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-24

@iTod Hate to bug you, but any word on the Fluid cookie bug I reported via email on Aug 12th? # @EnscriptedApp August 18th was evil, 12:38. Never saw the movie. The middle sentence helped immensely! in reply to EnscriptedApp # @EnscriptedApp How about an option to lock letters? If I know that "a" is […]

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-23

Just registered my copy of GyazMail. Farewall Eudora! Sorry you were mauled by a mountain lion # Just registered my copy of GyazMail. Farewell Eudora! Sorry you were mauled by a mountain lion #

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-22

@aliviator Your demo page is blank, found you through your comment on Anil Dash's "no web page" article #

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-20

I wonder is SourceForge could add any more ads to their "please wait for the download to begin" page #

Twitter Updates for 2012-08-17

I just got a call from 703-657-1100, caller-id of DPVA. "Democratic Party of Virginia" maybe? Losers. # If something is legal to do, that doesn't mean you should do it. For example: political calls to people on the Do Not Call registry. # Gosh-dang idiot political phone spammers. 773-945-0201 sucks ("Opinion Research") just as much […]