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Twitter Updates for 2012-02-28

@dmbosstone Dang, we were told we weren't allowed to broadcast the noms live. Better to ask forgiveness than permission I guess. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-16

@JeffProbst I hope you are strapped to the helicopter when it tilts like that! #survivor #

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-13

Why is the #WordPress #Jetpack so slow? Very frustrating, mars my opinion of WP and Automattic #

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-09

@TBD has jumped the shark by selling their journalistic souls with sponsored tweets. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-08

@jeffsonderman Why doesn't the Poynter blog provide the full text in its RSS feed? Partial feeds are really annoying. #

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-04

Just got screwed by Google Adwords Express. Nice customer service help, but a busted system. Farewell Google! #

Twitter Updates for 2012-02-01

What's the deal with the new @Slashot Headlines Newsletters? There are fewer stories a day now? # Why doesn't @HRBlock honor their email campaigns' opt-outs? You are now spamming me. Stop it! #