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Twitter Updates for 2011-12-28

@pilottravel Why would your gas station (Providence Forge, VA) need to put a $151 hold on my credit card when buying a tank of gas? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-24

Vote for my radio station Christmas Music 24/7 under "New Platforms (Mainstream)" at Thanks! #

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-21

Just got more spam from a "company" using And they're blocked…. # @eyejot So how do I keep your company from ever emailing me spam from your customers? I guess I'll just block your servers. # just got my first spam from someone using and I can't find a way to report them […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-19

@JeffProbst please don't bring back any former survivors to future seasons of #Survivor Reruns suck # "There was much rejoicing" Goodbye Ozzy #survivor # Sophie went from tomboy to cover girl #survivor #

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-16

@fatcyclist Is it at 9pm eastern or 10pm eastern? Your blog post said 9pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. Which doesn't match up. 🙂 #

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-15

@JeffProbst Do you ever visit Ponderosa, or is the game still running at that point? #survivor # #Survivor Sophie, Albert or Coachs need to take Brandon and Rick to the final three to win #

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-13

If Verizon buys Netflix, I'll cancel my NF account so quickly, you'll think I had a supergigabit ethernet connection to the NF servers. #

Scans for Vulnerable WordPress Plugins

This morning one of my web sites was scanned for all 25 of these WordPress plugins. I’m not exactly sure what they are vulnerable to (looking around the web it looks like they can be used to add programs to your web site), but you should confirm that if your site is using one of […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-12

WTF? Google Currents producer requires use of Google Chrome! What's next, requiring Chrome for GMail? #fail #

Twitter Updates for 2011-12-10

Almost 100,000,000 page views for @cloudflare at # I was there when CloudFlare powered its 100 billionth page view! #CloudFlare # Oops, I left a ",000" off of my earlier tweet when they were getting close to 100 billion. Congrats! #cloudflare # So what happened when #CloudFlare hit 100 billion page views? This: […]