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Twitter Updates for 2011-11-21

@macsales I recycle every paper catalog I get unread. I was quite disappointed to get one from OWC. Did you discontinue your web site? # @macsales OWCBradley just took care of taking me off your mailing list. You really just damaged your reputation by junk mailing me. # Why are some songs "Uploaded" and others […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-17

darn, ozzy won. #survivor # @JeffProbst how is the order of voting at tribal decided? it seems random #survivor #

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-16

What if you need more than 55GB of space in your iCloud? Any idea what the price would be? #apple #

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-13

Heading down to Richmond for WordCamp. Looking forward to learning a ton, plus speaking on "Community News" at 2:30 #rva #wcrva # Arrived at WordCamp Richmond with no problems. nice sized group here. #wcrva @wordcamprva # First break at WordCamp Richmond. Two great talks so far on selling WordPress and optimizing WP #wcrva # @jondeutsch […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-12

@wordcamprva Still need someone to be on the community news panel? I run a theater site covering theater in the Wash DC area. # Trivia: "Twelve plus one" is an anagram of "eleven plus two." # I am speaking on a panel on "Community News" at tomorrow's WordCamp-Richmond. #rva #wcrva #

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-10

I need a twitter client for os x, now that Nambu is dead. No cost, no ads. Recommendations? # #Box50GB 50 gig of space / how will I ever fill it? / that sure is a lot #

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-09

@towermadness I love TowerMadness, Can you try to kill all the spam in your Forums? I know it's a battle, but there's a lot there. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-03

Why is tout so freaking slow? #survivor # @JeffProbst stay #survivor # Cochran is an idiot #survivor # What will Keith do to Cochran if they are both at Redemption Island together next week? #survivor #

Twitter Updates for 2011-11-01

You are too old to trick or treat if you have a cell phone. #Halloween # @wordcamprva For those of us driving into Richmond from Northern Va, what is parking like near the conference venue? #wcrva # @wordcamprva Thanks for the update, that + the marathon street closure info was useful. Looking forward to the […]