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Twitter Updates for 2011-10-31

Watch for vulnerability scans searching your web site for 5a3c2f91dc7ccef6724e602c0d391659.php or bad timthumb.php scripts #

More Vulnerability Attack Scans

For the past several hours I’ve been attacked (41,322 times and counting!) by many different IP addresses (95 at last count, including a bunch using Amazon Web Services (amazonaws)) looking for many different URLs. They are searching for the broken timthumb.php script, as well as 5a3c2f91dc7ccef6724e602c0d391659.php or 6c8fd79d31461e644cbf23026ff5d19a.php, which is apparently an app to give […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-28

@dnforum How do I opt out of getting your sales email messages? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-27

WhyTF is the @abc7news web site putting audio in the ads on their web site now? web page closed, article unread #fail #respectyourreaders # I'd hate to win a #survivor challenge and have to see an Adam Sandler movie as my "reward" #

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-24

Why doesn't the @wordPress site have an RSS feed for updates? Only email. #Weird #

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-19

@thenoodleator need tech help with your site? (Finish the book!) 🙂 One thing at a time! It will all be ok. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-18

Be careful of using Logoworks – they provide their customers' email addresses to other companies, such as Brandaver #privacy #spam #

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-15

Playing with, got a 50GB account for free. Comparing it to Dropbox. #Box50GB #

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-14

@JeffProbst Is it possible to reverse the direction of the Tout auto-play so we can follow your day in order instead of backwards? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-10-13

I voted for the #ONA board of directors. It seems that all of the nominees are qualified and will do good for the membership # @wjchat I'm the editor of, we cover theatre in Washington DC, Baltimore, and StLouis. #wjchat # @wjchat Q: do any of these strategies change when you are a niche […]