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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-30

@ona Will we get a note back if our reviews left in "Tools & Tech" if they aren't approved? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-27

"Politics is so complicated that only zealots get involved" – Britt Blaser #qotd # USPS is getting desperate, allowing living people to be on stamps, despite their bulk #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-24

Is there a valid reason to read a personal site's RSS feed more frequently than a handful of times a day? Every 6 hours seems reasonable #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-22

@ServerBeach is something funny happening at the NoVa center? # @ServerBeach Hmmm, my server wasn't responding to pings at all, was down for about 5-10 minutes. It came back up now though. Thx! # @jeffprobst how do I tell to not automatically play the next video? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-20

@asmallorange One of your customers at is trying to hack my web server. Today at 12:13pm Eastern time. web logs available. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-19

Netflix splits out DVDs by mail to Qwikster. Is it April already? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-16

If your spider-crawl-bot ever requests a web page with the url /text/javascript , then it's broken. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-15

@AmPressInst Where is your site's blog/rss feed? The link in the page footer is dead. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-14

Why don't more web designers set the site's logo (or more frequently, the site title) to be a link to the site's home page? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-11

@LiquidWeb Do you kill spammers on your servers? Or just unsubscribe complaints? #