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Twitter Updates for 2011-08-30

I wonder what's happening at Chuck's @barkeaterlake I miss those folk. #

Domains to Block on August 29, 2011

The spam problem, while much better than it was a year ago, is still a problem. My SpamAssassin has received spam from all of these domains, in the last three weeks. I am not asserting that these domains have always been used for spam, or that they are now. But in August 2011 they were.

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-29

WTH is wrong with the Twitterbot/1.0? It is causing lots of 404 errors, very frustrating! # Google Voice now has spam filtering! Telemarketers now hear "this number is not in service" when they call #excellentfeature #

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-28

It started sprinkling in Woodbridge, VA about an hour ago. #irene # Northern Virginia power outrages: #

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-27

FEMA's Hurricane Prep site keeps you safe for 2010's hurricanes # What an annoying animation! RT @BobRyanABC7 Here's the site to keep a watch on the trend of Irene's track /via #

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-26

An aftershock just woke me up. USGS preliminary report says it was 4.5 #dcquake #

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-25

Isn't it sleazy for the Washington Post to put a video ad in front of a YouTube video clip? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-24

Earthquake in Woodbridge, VA, Family felt it in Newport News, VA #yikes #nicedoorway # Aftershock in Woodbridge, VA #dcquake much smaller than the big one # The latest aftershock was preliminary rated a 4.2, centered in Louisa County, VA #dcquake #

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-21

@jskarp DQ is having a buy one blizzard, get a second at half off. no coupon needed, just ask the cashier for it! Wish they delivered! #

Twitter Updates for 2011-08-11

Why is the Post Office so freaking hard to deal with? I'm trying to give them money, and can't do it online. #needcompetition # Wonderful, just got 4 alerts for 4 charges to my credit card from USPS, after their web site says can't do that purchase online #losers #