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Twitter Updates for 2011-07-13

  • @shoemaker62 Last night our people turned on some music and gave us treats, so the lightning and thunder wasn't bad. No more big booms! #
  • All of my site are now running WordPress version 3.2. That's the cue to release 3.2.1! #
  • Using Camino with Google+ gets you "Your browser configuration is not supported. Learn more Update to a modern browser" #
  • And then when you click on the Learn more link you get a 404 error. Good job Google! #
  • Netflix's new prices are far too high. Farewell I think. #
  • Told ya! @WordPress WordPress 3.2.1 is now available #
  • I've just taken the WordPress 2011 User and Developer Survey, have you? (pass it on!) #