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Twitter Updates for 2011-07-30

"Don’t count chickens before they’re nuggets." @thenoodleator #qotd # @thenoodleator I love your cross-country stories, I hope to do the same some day. Finish the book! Or at least the blog! 🙂 #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-28

Was surprised to see Wil Wheaton in a 1987 episode of Family Ties as Jen's boyfriend @wilw #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-24

Wow, got over 4,000 hits to an ancient joke on my web site today from StumbleUpon #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-21

Sigh. Time to start searching for an email client half as good as Eudora #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-19

I wonder if there will be a WordCamp Mid-Atlantic this year? #wcma #

Capital One Database Problem?

Earlier today I received an email from Capital One asking me to “Take a moment to update your phone number, mail, and e-mail addresses.” The problem is the message was not addressed to me, but instead to someone else. And the line that says “Re: Your account number ending in xxxx” had four digits in […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-16

Netflix CEO: "To most people, it's a latte or two" I'm dropping NF August 31st. #arrogance #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-14

@nacin Would you be able in come to our new meetup group sometime? Mostly real users, not developers # @MidnightMartian What email address for a Google+ invite? # @nacin Most members are at a very basic level of using WP/FB. It is broad, but we don't go too in-depth. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-13

@shoemaker62 Last night our people turned on some music and gave us treats, so the lightning and thunder wasn't bad. No more big booms! # All of my site are now running WordPress version 3.2. That's the cue to release 3.2.1! # Using Camino with Google+ gets you "Your browser configuration is not supported. Learn […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-07-10

@cloudflare When you tell us "investigating an attack at (someplace)" is that an attack on CloudFlare, or on one of your clients? # @cloudflare Could you make the text on your blog darker? The gray is hard to read on a white background. Thanks # @eastdakota Thx, should we list more than two CF-DNS servers […]