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Should I Upgrade to Windows 7

One of my friends asked me: “I’m currently running my Gateway laptop on Windows Vista OS and I’ve been advised to upgrade to Windows 7. Does anyone have thoughts on the benefits or detriments of doing this? ”

The general advice I give for upgrades is: “Does (new system/app) do something that you really need that your (current system/app) can’t do?” If the answer is no, then don’t upgrade. For operating systems, wait until you get a new computer. Why do you need the upgrade? Who is recommending you upgrade? If it’s the guys at Best Buy or some other computer store, I’d guess they are more interested in taking your money than helping fulfill a need you are having.

My primary machine is an iMac, and it is running OS X 10.5, while 10.7 is due out in July. My laptop is actually running 10.4. They do what I need then to do. The new features in 10.6 are nice, but not enough to disrupt my current working processes. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.