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Twitter Updates for 2011-05-16

@JeffProbst Could you make the #survivor intro any longer in the future? Thanks! # Sucks! Matt I hope gets to play again! #survivor # @JeffProbst Where is the urn between final council and tonight? A big safe somewhere? A volcano? # Those are the stupidest women playing this game. I vote for Philip. #survivor # […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-12

@JeffProbst Yes, but was better with two people at a time. The loneliness is a factor, like stephanie's tribe of one. # @JeffProbst Yeah! Ashley did great! #survivor # @JeffProbst They need to try to take out Rob now while they can. #survivor #

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-10

@nacin Thanks for the headsup about the Nova WP meetup. It's a lot more convenient being held in NoVa and an afternoon. # @williamsba I warned you about Vistaprint. Good luck. #

Blankers Spam Network

I have been doing some research into the new spam network I mentioned last Thursday. Below is a list of all of the “From: ” lines in the messages. This is 97 messages, with 56 domain names. If you go to the domain name mentioned in one of those email addresses, you get a blank […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-08

@findfilesnet What agent should we put in robots.txt to block your bot? What IP addresses do you use? #

Ultimate Category Excluder Upgraded to Version 0.7

Ultimate Category Excluder has now been released with support for internationalization (i18n). Thanks to Patrick Skiebe for the suggestion and code. UCE is now shipping with support for English and German. Please send me other languages if you can generate the translation. Download UCE from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Ultimate Category Excluder (UCE – unfortunately […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-07

@williamsba Get ready for the junk mail, spam and telemarketing if you use Vistaprint! # Why am I having a hard time updating my WordPress plugin? On "commit" it says "authorization failed." My login info is correct. # I figured out the WordPress commit svn thing, I had to re-enter my username and pw into […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-06

@TracFoneCalls The privacy policy on the Trafone web site is still non-existent. #

New Spam Network?

Since April 13th, I’ve been getting three to five spam messages a day that are slipping past my Postfix and SpamAssassin filters. The messages include a lot of text copied verbatim, sans links, from online discussion forums. The messages are not CAN-SPAM compliant in that there is not a mailing address in the messages. Websites […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-05

I just logged into my account and got an ad saying I should download and use IE9. You'd think MS would detect I'm on a Mac. # Clicking the Logout button at also signs you out of facebook. Who thought up that brainstorm? #fail # How can I prevent #WordPress from sending comments […]