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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-30

@jeffsonderman OK, thanks for the info on the west coast gig. #

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-29

@jeffsonderman What job at a digital newsroom are you looking for someone? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-28

@jeffprobst I guess that the mystery package is a Sprint phone, with family members videos and a visit? #survivor # @JeffProbst It is a note to vote out two people #survivor that would Ralph and steve #

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-21

Zapaterra is right, it is their container. And Philip is insane. #survivor # Too bad that BostonRob won. Oh well.#survivor # Wow julie the firefighter is awesome! #survivor # In a million years some archaeologist is going to find Phillip's shorts and wonder what they are #survivor #

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-17

Why is the googlebot probing my server? It's looking for /dmscripts/admin/login.exe ? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-12

Why in the world is the Yahoo! Slurpbot so brain-dead? It is "helpfully" removing entire directory names from URLs, causing hundreds of 404s #

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-10

Hey Epsilon, I've got this list of email addresses I want to publicize so they get spam. What kind of new account should I set up with you? # @TBD Ummm, Pres. and Congress only cut the budget by $37? So, they'll skip lunch one day? # yo @incliq what's with all the spam tweets […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-08

Printing from an iPad to a non-AirPrint printer is easy with AirPrint Activator # @6Wunderkinder in Wunderlist for iPad, could the reminder date have the month and day of month be separate spinners? #

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-07

#survivor Go Matt! It would be a shame to lose after such a great streak! # #survivor Yeah Matt! Awesome job! # @jeffprobst do #survivor players get to bring anything from home with them other than their clothing? # #survivor don't these people watch the show? Keep your mouth shut! # #survivor poor Matt. He […]

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-06

Using tagged email addresses comes in handy again as I'm now getting spam from an address last used on 7/4/ 2008 given only to #