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Twitter Updates for 2010-12-07

@DHanchey Thanks for the suggestion of my-calendar # I've finally moved one of my older domains off of Tumblr. Their recent server crash finally gave me enough incentive to do it. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-05

@TyUnglebower Factionalism in community theater: a great idea for a column. I agree it's a problem. # @cloudflare Why can't we login with a username instead of our email address? We've defined a username in our account. # @eastdakota Thanks for the username followup. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-03

I'm looking for an event calendar plugin for WordPress. Any recommendations out there? #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-02

Just upgraded 19 sites to WordPress version 3.02. No problems or bugs encountered. Wish everything worked as well. # I wonder how cloudflare would handle the DDOS attacks aimed at Wikileaks #