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Twitter Updates for 2010-12-28

@linode How do I report suspected abuse from one of your customers? I'm seeing very odd web traffic coming from your IP addresses. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-27

The Garmin 1350T map update process is horrible. Requires browser plugin, separate app, plus crashed during the 1.2GB download. Ridiculous. # @williamsba Yesterday I received a book you're very familiar with. Is it out of date with WP31 coming soon? #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-24

YouTube videos no longer play when using Privoxy to block ads Internet-wide. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-23

Did America Online (AOL) have an email/DNS outage on Tuesday, Dec. 21st, from 2am to 5am Eastern time? Thousands of bounces in my mail log. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-19

@cloudflare Are stats down? None of my sites got any traffic yesterday. Or are the gerbils still re-crunching the numbers? # @CloudFlare Thanks for the info – have a great weekend (switching over 5 more domains to Cloudflare this weekend!) # I'm growing to like OpenID as I find more and more web sites that […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-18

I wish I could make the Wikipedia plea for donations close permanently. Once I click the little "x" in the corner it should stay closed. # Thank You Patrick Gibson: So far, it seems to work great! # @williamsba Slashdot? 🙂 #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-17

Why does the Yahoo crawler keep asking for obviously bad pages on my sites? /shop/whatever-spammy-product-name-here? IPs match Yahoo's space # @perishable No Akismet problem here #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-16

@gawker thanks for the spam! Your decisions about your security has an impact on your peasants. Or your former peasants that is. Unsubbed. # @cloudflare Is your service down? My domains are now resolving to their normal IP address. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-10

Just updated 20 sites to WordPress 3.0.3 without any problems; and upgraded to Akismet 2.5.0 as well. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-12-09

Too many great WordPress themes are actually children of frameworks, creating the grandchild problem. Argh. #