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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-30

@nambucom With the 2.0beta, all of my accounts from 1.21 are gone. Is this normal? Or did something "bad" happen? Downloading 2.01beta now. # @nambucom Ok, thanks. Once I re-enter all of twitter account info, I should be good to go then, right? in reply to nambucom # YouTube's Private – Limited access URL option […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-25

Police departments in Northern Virginia refuse to release public documents: FOIA has no teeth in Virginia. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-17

I signed up for Logoworks in June 2007. They just started emailing me their newsletter last week. I guess they are desperate and need money. # Just received and filled out my Census form. Took less than 2 minutes. Whew! Now I'm good until 2020. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-16

@TyUnglebower Yes, mandatory registration is a huge turnoff to me. #blogging #writing in reply to TyUnglebower #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-13

I wish I had $629. #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-12

Great blog post by Missy: I don't want my children to be happy: The question to ask yourself: Am I content? # Spam

I just got a message from someone I don’t know, with a return address of The message was: -fake name- says you should see this video clip. -fake name- thinks you will really like this YouTube Video. Check it out! This email was sent by -fake name- using the Application: Youtube Video Seach. You […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-11 Why you should consider OS X: #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-03

The Customer Is (Not) Always Right: (But in this example, they were!) #

Twitter Updates for 2010-03-02

refresheverything appears to be scam-ish. Bugs, 1,000 entries (all for the month) is less than 1 minute. Don't get your hopes up. # I've just blocked the spbot user-agent from most of my web sites. Longer blog post to come later this week. seoprofiler #spam #