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Twitter Updates for 2009-09-28

Hello @efax, customer support hasn't responded to my email back to them. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-24

But how did the PHB spawn? #

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-23

NCIS:LA is just another cop show. It has potential, but it takes more than gadgets and good looks, they need to build up the team's heart. # Is embedding a frame that loads your web site into your WordPress plugin settings page ethical? Same as adding new stuff to the dashboard. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-22

RT @jzip I am suddenly getting emails from Technorati again. Is it an attempt at relevance? # RT @whatsnext sheesh! the Technorati state of blogosphere survery [sic] is L-O-N-G. but like nost any survey, choices are too limited # The Technorati blogosphere survey had bad skip logic, didn't allow for certain responses such as a […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-21

Moving to a new server is like moving in real life: it's a great opportunity to get rid of stuff and clutter "that you might need one day." # Today's Dilbert made me laugh: "Our new company logo is a man getting sucked into a toilet." # Bank of America sucks: #

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-18

@jtimothyking You can write quickly or well. Choose one. in reply to jtimothyking #

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-18

Theater is still used to fight against censorship and oppression: (The Belarus Free Theatre) # @eFax Why was my free account terminated without a word to me about it? And how do you find the free service? It's not visible on your site. in reply to eFax # DCist: Signature's Salute to Kander & […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-16

Why in the world is someone at the Pentagon using IE 6.0 to surf the web, with tons of MS discussion toolbars activated? Doesn't seem secure # @perishable No, most people think Facebook is the internet. Walled gardens suck. in reply to perishable #

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-15

eFax did away with their free fax services earlier this year. Thanks for letting me know. Now that I need to get a fax, I can't. grumble. # I just used to convert a MS Works file to something useful. (It's been years, and then I get two .wps files this week) # Just […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-09-14

I really dislike Ticketmaster's web site. #