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Facebook, Meet 2009. 2009, Meet Facebook.

I agree with Kevin Burton’s thoughts at Facebook Pages are Just Blogs. I just wish I had written out the part about Facebook lacking RSS or other feeds first. I hate Monday mornings when I load up Facebook and have to hit the silly “Older Posts” button a bunch of times to catch up with everyone’s weekend. Putting all that into a feed of some sort would make that much more efficient. I would almost pay for a feed of the posts on my wall.

Actually, is there a way to export all of my Facebook posts so I can move into another blogging system or cms? The Help pages don’t mention a method. As Matt Cutts said, Not trapping users’ data = GOOD. Robert Scoble wrote about Facebook disabling his account back in January of 2008. Also, check out And ZDNet wrote in December 2006 about the issue Do ordinary users care about data portability? And if not, should they? Four social networks respond.