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Using 301 vs. RewriteRule

A few weeks ago, I wrote out a series of steps aimed at Fighting Bots Via Their Bad Requests. After watching my logs since then, I’ve noticed I made an incredibly stupid mistake. Bad bots do not follow 301 redirects! What does that mean? If a regular browser encounters a web page, image, or document […]

Cancelled the Washington Post

This week my wife and I looked at the online options for the weekly tv listings, something the Washington Post suggested we do since they wanted to stop including the TV Week magazine with the Sunday edition. The online option is fairly useful. And since we only watch a handful of shows regularly, it’s not […]

Barnes & Noble Opt-Out Broken, No Response to Privacy Emails

A few months ago I signed up at so I could download some free audiobooks. I of course gave them a uniquely generated email address so I could track if they sold my email address to other companies. I registered, confirmed my account, got my downloads, no problem. Then I started getting B&N’s weekly […]

The Incredible Shrinking Washington Post

I currently subscribe to the Washington Post, Sundays only. Three years ago I could read through the entire paper in a couple hours. Now, with the dropping of a few sections (TV Week), and combining sections together (Book World, Editorials, Business section), and reducing the amount of original writing available in the printed paper, I […]

FaceBook Username

Facebook has allowed you to set up a username for your account. So you can now see my Facebook pages at

Facebook, Meet 2009. 2009, Meet Facebook.

I agree with Kevin Burton’s thoughts at Facebook Pages are Just Blogs. I just wish I had written out the part about Facebook lacking RSS or other feeds first. I hate Monday mornings when I load up Facebook and have to hit the silly “Older Posts” button a bunch of times to catch up with […]

Fighting Bots Via Their Bad Requests

Last week I started looking through my “page not found” (404) errors. It’s been interesting to say the least, with nearly 800 bad requests since then, most of which have been various attacks in trying to mislead people. I address most of these attacks or probes by re-routing the request to a robot block system […]

Publishing Your Blog on Kindle: The Agreement

While looking through the agreement for publishing your blog on a Kindle, I found the Terms of Service include 3,994 words. It’s 11 pages when I copy and paste the text into a new text document in OpenOffice. Reading through the document, it actually looks like that Amazon will create a new feed to be […]

Comment Policy

The comment policy on most of my blogs is: use a real name (first and last names), and if you include a link to a web site, the web site shouldn’t be pure advertising drivel. Something like “Jones Travel Blog” or “Something Tips and Tricks” would not be approved, as those sites are just wanting […]