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Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5

I’ve just upgraded all of my blogs to WordPress 2.6.5. I also upgraded some plugins that were a little out of date. Everything seems to be running along nicely.

If the Berkman Center Can’t Secure Itself

Yesterday morning I received a comment spam attempt that had its URL link to a wiki page at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society (at Harvard University). Before approving the comment, I checked out the wiki page. It was full of spam links. I checked out the wiki’s Main Page. A handful of spam […]

WordPress Theme Directory After Four Months

Last summer, WordPress opened their brand new Theme Directory with a whole bunch of themes. Three themes to be exact (Dum-Dum, Tarski, and Monotone I believe), with less than 1,000 downloads the first day. Four months later, after a lot of steady work by designers from around the world, the directory hosts 680 themes, with […]

Odd Comment Spam Attempts

Starting on November 10th at 10:29am (EST), running through this morning at 6:30am, I have received dozens of comment spam attempts across most of my WordPress blogs. They all followed the same basic format: Deneen Carrillo | | IP: 5wj9j1bdvd74zbcv A real looking name, an obviously fake email address (usually with a non-existent […]

Spam from Dell via; or Why Opt-Out Is Still Bad.

I just got a spam from, using I’m blocking the scum at And reporting it to Dell just in case it’s not really from them. Someone else got this as well. Searching through my mail logs shows I’m also getting other messages from, regarding CareerTrack. Any time a user has to […]