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Transcript of McCain’s Process For Picking Palin

A recording has been found of the discussion of how Republican Presidential candidate John McCain chose his running mate, Sarah Palin. Here’s the transcript, although unfortunately the audio file itself was destroyed while importing it into the computer: McCain: Ok, well, we need to find me a vice-president. The convention is next week. Advisor: Anything […]

Sometimes a Comment Is Simply a Comment

Comment spammers are definitely getting trickier, as noticed by Mark Ghosh in his article Comment Spam with more Kung Fu?. I’m starting to notice that the comment spammers are now starting to simply copy and paste an existing comment and submit as their own comment. My guidelines for identifying comment spam that doesn’t get caught […]

Why is Facebook so slow?

I’ve been exploring Facebook the past few days. Why in the world do the pages load so incredibly slowly? I’ve found lots of people I know, although what are the odds that I might know someone else that went to Virginia Tech? It’s kind of ridiculous to “suggest” to me that I might know someone […]

WordPress 2.6.2 Upgrade Completed

I’ve upgraded all of my blogs to the latest version of WordPress, 2.6.2. No hiccups or problems. It seems that every release goes just a bit quicker and more easily than the prior release. And of course, 2.7 is due out later this year. More info at Lorelle’s posting for this week’s WordPress news.

iTunes 8 Magnetosphere Visualizer Help

I’ve been exploring the new iTunes, and other than locking up when scanning for Album Art the first time I opened the application, I like it. The new visualizer is based off Magnetosphere. While the visualizer is running, press “?” to get a list of commands so you can customize the effects. ? = Toggle […]

Netcraft Oddities

What’s the deal with the phrase “no longer used” at the end of every post to Netcraft‘s blog? It’s been there for as long as I can remember. And why doesn’t Netcraft use www for their web site in their domain? Can you think of any other sites that don’t use www or nothing in […]

Mike’s Rules for Computing Happiness

Software Use as little software as possible. Use software that allows you to easily save your work on your computer. Learn how to use your software. Take classes. Read the help. Read the manual (if one exists). Don’t be afraid to use forums on the web to ask for help. Create two User accounts on […]