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WordPress 2.6.1 Login Headaches

Earlier today I started upgrading my blogs to the latest and greatest WordPress, version 2.6.1. I did full backups, both the SQL database and the html of the web site. I then tweaked my upgrade script and started plugging away. After the old files were archived, the new files were in place, I ran the […]

This Weekend’s Speme: ADT

We’ve gotten past CNN and MSNBC spam. The newest round of spam theme (speme) is pushing ADT home security systems. According to the From field of the messages, “Certified ADT Dealer” or “Authorized ADT Dealer” is now spamming to sell ADT memberships. All of the messages received at planetmike thus far have had both of […]

Data Mining to Detect Pump-and-Dump Scams

Bruce Schneier talking about Data Mining to Detect Pump-and-Dump Scams.