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Technorati’s Lame Survey of the Blogosphere

Technorati emailed me today (for the first time since April 2007): Bloggers, Technorati has been tracking the Blogosphere for the past several years through our State of the Blogosphere study. This year we have decided to expand our study beyond the sheer size and characteristics of the blogosphere in order to hear more from you, […]

Wordle of

I created a Wordle of It turned out nicer than I thought it would.

I Took It!

And so should you. The 2008 A List Apart Survey for People Who Make Web Sites. The Latest Content Thieves

I just got a notice via a Google Alert that is stealing the articles from my web site. I’ve submitted a complaint to them. Hopefully I won’t need to file DMCA notices on them. Losers. See Search Engines: Three to Beware at Plagiarism Today for a bit more on this group.