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How to Make the WordPress Login Cookie Last Longer Than Two Weeks

One thing I loathe about WordPress 2.5 is login cookies only last two weeks. So every two weeks I get prompted to login again. It is extremely disruptive to have to log in again, when just a few hours earlier I was logged in. The cookie logic should be tweaked that if you haven’t logged […]

Akismet 40,000th Spam Comment

On May 1st, I zapped my 30,000th comment spam. Yesterday was the 40,000th. Here’s a chart of the count, recorded daily. And here’s the daily rate, with a peak since May 8th (the end of the last storm) at 160 on June 6th, and a low of one on May 19th.

HELO {bot_hostname}

This morning I received a string of bot spam attempts from some idiot spammer using the following as his HELO command (yes, including the braces): HELO {bot_hostname} Luckily Postfix rejected the conversation immediately.

Showing the Post’s Time on the WordPress Edit Posts Page

I prefer having the time listed on the “edit posts” page under the WordPress admin area, instead of just the date of the post. Usually the URL you see this is something like (WP-base)/wp-admin/edit.php. I don’t see a hook to manage this format, so I couldn’t write a plugin. (If there is a hook, please […]

Verizon Updating Their TOS Again

I just received an email letting me know that Verizon is again changing their terms of service. It’s interesting that the first item listed below means they are changing their privacy policy and are going to share your account and identifying info if they even think you’re doing Bad Stuff. I wonder what was wrong […] Spam

Be careful if using They do not honor unsubscribe requests from their mailings. I’d suggest using a unique email address so you can disable it after you’ve used their services. I’ve emailed their privacy office asking about this. If a week goes by, I’ll escalate to TRUSTe. I originally signed up with them on […]