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Spammers Killed My Catchall Address

It’s amazing what you find when digging through old backups. Another item I found was my ancient collection of mailboxes for my catchall address. In early February 2007 I finally surrendered to the spammers that were hammering my mail server. There was no hint that the spam rate was going to decrease, so the catchall […]

Comment Spam Rate

As I mentioned yesterday when I noticed I passed the 30,000 spam comment threshold, the comment spam rate on the blog has gone through the roof. I dug out some of my old backups of my WordPress database and generated this chart showing how many spam comments I’ve received. This chart is from December 14, […]

Akismet 30,000th Spam Comment

I just deleted my 30,000th comment spam. I have no idea how high the count would have been had I not put into place several techniques that automatically block bad commenters. Those that fall into my traps don’t even get entered into the Akismet system, and so aren’t counted. (Addendum 9:32pm: The count is now […]