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Frontbridge’s 88.blacklist.zap

One of my clients complained to me that some of their email wasn’t being delivered. I investigated and discovered that email to them through my server was being bounced. The error message in the maillog was: Feb 25 10:44:59 server1 postfix/smtp[607]: 852EA400001: to=,[], delay=2, status=bounced (host[] said: 550 Service unavailable; Client host [] […]

To Fight or Not To Fight a CyberSquatter

I recently discovered that one of my active web sites’ domain names has attracted the attention of a cybersquatter. I emailed the address on the page, which bounced. So I poked around a bit and found another email address. I emailed that address and got a polite note back. I asked if I could purchase […]

New System to Fight WordPress Comment Spam

I’ve started using a new system to fight comment spam. If you see any problems when trying to submit comments on the site, please let me know. Email of course, since you won’t be able to send a comment if you find a bug. mclark at Thanks.

The Boy Who Saved Christmas

For Christmas 2007, my wife and I made a movie with our 8 year old nephew playing all of the roles. It turned out pretty well. My sister-in-love and brother loved it, it was definitely a surprise. Filmed with a Canon GL2, edited in iMovie HD.

Evolving Chapter 5 – New Name

Currently most, and soon all, of the content at is related to technology and web design. So I took this opportunity to rename the site from “Michael Boyd Clark Journal/Blog” to “PlanetMike’s Technology Journal.” I am now adding new GoogleAlerts to monitor for the new name appearing in splogs (already found two!). I also […]

Ticket Sales Advertising

Since the Google PageRank storm last October, I have changed how I place ads on my sites. Some of my sites, like here on, I don’t have advertising at all. Other, like

Evolving Chapter 4 – Copying the Database and Redirecting

Ok, I’ve moved a whole bunch of posts from over to my personal site, While tedious, it was a pretty straightforward process. Install WordPress on your new domain. Make sure it is the same version as the one on the old domain! Copy the active theme to the new site’s theme directory. This […]

Akismet Misses “Paris Hilton Sex Tapes” Comment Spam

As much as I love using Akismet for getting rid of comment spam on my blogs, it is extremely frustrating that for some oddball reason, Akismet rarely catches spam that discusses Paris Hilton’s sex antics. I dutifully tag them as spam, but for whatever reason, Akismet won’t learn that Ms. Hilton’s shenanigans aren’t a real […]