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Extra Fields in Trackback Spam

One of my blogs just caught a spammer from trying to submit trackbacks to the blog, with extra fields in the “Name” field. Gen Drebery’,’’,”,’′,’2008-01-25 13:43:30′,’2008-01-25 13:43:30′,”,’0′,’Internet Explorer’,’comment’,’0′,’0′),(’0′, ”, ”, ”, ”, ‘2008-01-26 13:43:30′, ‘2008-01-26 13:43:30′, ”, ’spam’, ”, ‘comment’, ‘0′,’0′ ) /* The web server logs showed he was trying to hit a […]

Renting movies from Apple via iTunes

I wrote an article about my experience with renting a movie via the Apple iTunes store. It’s published on

Creating a “GoTo” URL For Your WordPress-Powered Site

For one of my other sites, I’ll be doing some postal mailings in which I’ll need to include the URLs of some of the posts I’ve made. I really don’t want to force people to have to retype those horribly long URLs. I could use a service like, but I’m not happy giving a […]

Evolving Chapter 3 – Moving Content Between Domains

I’ve made a good start on splitting out personal stuff from, and moving it to Jokes, photo galleries, and a handful of categories from WordPress have been moved. I’m moving a few more categories today, then I’ll share some of the lessons I’ve learned. Hopefully you won’t see too many problems on any […]

Announcing CodeQuote

I’ve just released a WordPress plugin for disabling smart quotes in text that is inside a <code> block. Smart quotes, also known as curly quotes or fancy quotes, don’t mix well inside code, so if someone copies and pastes your code with smart quotes, they have to tweak the code they want to use. Which […]

Overview of Web Site Traffic Analysis Tools

The first of the year is a time for looking back at what was accomplished in the past year, and to set goals for the coming year. If you run a web site, one way to do that is to look at your site’s traffic and see what happened. I run my own server, so […]

Usage Statistics for 2007

Summary by Month Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits Dec 2007 15,151 13,329 8,748 2,681 42,654 7,180,572 83,124 271,191 413,207 469,697 Nov 2007 15,551 13,817 8,359 2,690 43,339 7,285,245 80,720 250,796 414,536 466,559 Oct 2007 14,355 12,382 7,932 2,829 41,912 5,712,332 87,721 245,918 383,861 445,030 Sep […]