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Comment Links to International Sites

Recently someone commented here on one of my older posts. The comment sounded legitimate, so I checked out the URL listed with the comment. It was a Swedish site. Neither Google Translate nor Babelfish have a Swedish to English option, so I have no idea what that site is talking about. So because (1) Google […]

Learning to program WordPress plugins

I’ve started work on my first WordPress plugin. So far, I’ve managed to break my development web site several times; gotten the plugin to work partially several times, and added a menu to the “Manage” menu of the WordPress administration system. Of course, the page I’ve created there doesn’t actually do anything yet. It’s very […]

Verizon DNS Headaches

Verizon recently started sending users of its residential broadband services (DSL and FiOS) a Verizon Search page instead of an error page if they attempt to visit a web site that doesn’t exist. They are doing this by using the Domain Name System (DNS). If you request a page at a domain name that doesn’t […]