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Disable Windows Live Writer Headers from WordPress

I’ve tweaked a plugin that will disable the Windows Live Writer headers that appear in the html headers of pages generated by WordPress 2.31. More information and the download can be found at the WLW Disabler plugin page.

Spiders: How Often Is Too often?

Recently I have been paying closer than usual attention to my apache server logs, and noticed a few new services that are visiting much more frequently than I think they need to. It’s really not necessary to come every 30 minutes, is it? No, it’s not. A spider service should use a more intelligent method […]

Evolving Chapter 2 – Where will it go?

I’ve said the personal posts and content from will be moved to another site. What site would that be? I’m thinking now it will be I also have registered both and, but .name will be my “official” personal site. If you’d like to get a glimpse as to how I’ll be […]

Evolving Chapter 1 – What do I currently have?

So the first thing to do is figure out exactly what content I have to work with. For the WordPress portion of the site, that’s simple. I installed the Dagon Design Sitemap Plugin (warning – lots of spammy comments, so that site may not be managed any longer) and created a sitemap of the blog […]

Evolving Introduction

For years I’ve been using as my primary web site, and I post everything on it. The site started as a bunch of static web pages, then used (and still does in many places) server side includes. I’ve posted photos, jokes, other miscellaneous information. Then I started blogging, using Bloxsom, and then switched to […]

Help Your Users: Don’t Break Old URLs

Whenever you move content from one URL to another, you should have your web server return requests to the old URL with a response code of 301 and the updated URL. This allows the user to still get to the content they were looking for. Plus it tells web crawlers of all sorts about the […]

Announcing Fix the P

The name of the blogging system WordPress is a trademark of Automattic, and they’ve chosen to spell it with an uppercase “W” and an uppercase “P.” It should not be with a lowercase p, such as Wordpress. The Fix The P WordPress plugin changes the lowercase p in “WordPress” to an uppercase P (essentially changing […]

Announcing WARP: WordPress Admin Reminder Plugin

I have just finished my first WordPress plugin, WARP, which stands for WordPress Admin Reminder Plugin. This plugin adds a reminder tip (in large red letters) in the top right corner of your WordPress admin pages. The text is a link to the appropriate page in the wp-admin area. Reminders include: Making a backup of […]

New Splogger Tactic: Random Sentences

While going through my comment spam this morning, I have discovered a new trick the sploggers are using. Until this week, they would scrape the first paragraph and then (usually) link to the original post on my site. It seems they are now choosing a few random sentences to excerpt. One of the sploggers chose […]

Jack-O-Lantern User Agent Considered Harmful

While researching some of the spam comments submitted to blog, I ran across the Jack-O-Lantern user agent. Any comments submitted from my blog are run through a unique WordPress comment post script I wrote. The script allows me to track who is spidering my site and storing the comment form URL for later usage. One […]