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Selling Photography with —–

(Edited 2013-01-21: The site/service is no longer around.) If you’re interested in making some money off of your photography, you might want to check out —–. —– is currently an invitation-only beta service that will allow you to make money off of your photographs. You can either have ads with the photos, or simply get […] down?

The web site has been down for nearly 24 hours now. I tried emailing abuse@ and postmaster@ and both messages bounced back to me. That’s a shame, I was really enjoying the site, it was full of good ideas for locking down your blogs. Hopefully they weren’t hacked, or driven off the web by […]

Thoughts on the “Blog Incubator Project”

Daniel from Daily Blog Tips has created a Blog Incubator Project. I think it is an interesting idea, although the current implementation is flawed. The goal is to encourage someone to start a high-quality, popular blog. You come up with a topic you’d like to blog about, pay a $10 entry fee, then next week […]

Switch to my Feedburner Feed

Last week I asked if Feedburner’s stats were inflated. After about a a week of testing, I think they are not, after the first day. Day two of using Feedburner showed the correct number of subscribers (3), and day three showed the additional people who subscribed. Many thanks to Tim King and Luis de la […]

Google Traffic Statistics to

In October Google began futzing with the PageRank of sites. Google apparently targeted sites which were selling advertising and/or links and not including the rel=”nofollow” tag on the link. was hit with a penalty of moving from a PageRank of 6 down to a 4. At first I wasn’t concerned, but then got to […]

Traffic Report Updated

Last night I ran the webalizer traffic report for this site. I was thinking that traffic had slowed down since I last ran the report in early February. I was basically right, with about 10% fewer pages per month viewed from February to October. But I’m still very pleased with the numbers. I haven’t done […]

Are Feedburner Stats Inflated?

I know I am about to commit heresy. Please forgive me, Oh Lord of the Web. But I doubt the Feedburner subscriber numbers are accurate. Everyone who is anyone has a nice little Feedburner icon on their site trumpeting that they have x,000 readers of their blog. How is that enormous number even possible? Feedburner […]

Search Engine Feature Request: Partial Pages

I wish there was a way to tell the search engines to only index the “content” area of a page. For example, on a blog, only the text from the title through the last comment should be indexed. Everything else, site navigation, ten most recent post titles, ten most popular text titles, footer text, should […]

Incorporated Twitter Into One of My Blogs

One of my other blogs has several sections in it that are not powered by WordPress, but my wife and I do a lot of work in those sections. But that work is behind the scenes, which means it isn’t immediately obvious that we’ve done anything to the site. So I created a twitter account […]

The New Bitacle:

I accidentally have discovered a company doing exactly what Bitacle did in mid-to-late 2006. It is scraping people’s RSS feeds from their blogs and mirroring the content in its entirety. Then they wrap lots of Google Adsense ads around it. So they are making money off of my work, and the work of others. The […]