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Blogosphere News is in Beta

Yet another Digg-style, social networking site has been released, Blogosphere News as a beta. It’s under the management of Splashpress Media. It’s a good thing it’s in beta, it is still very unpolished. Dead links to the advertise page. And Mermberships (sic) are free. No contact form to reach a webmaster or designer or intern […]

Thoughts on the Project Wonderful ad system

I first stumbled across Project Wonderful in December 2006. Project Wonderful is a system that allows ads to be bought and sold as an auction, highest bidder gets the ad, and it changes in real time, so you can have an ad on a site in minutes. It started out as a way for publishers […]

Should I Move All of My Site’s Content into WordPress?

Right now is made up of several different technologies: WordPress, a lot of shtml pages (server side includes), a few php pages, and lots of photo galleries created with iPhoto and Gallerie. After the recent Google PageRank update, I’m thinking about basically starting over with the entire site. I think I want to move […]

Google Pagerank 6 to 4! and 0 to 3 or 4!

Wow, my Google PageRank for the home page has dropped to 4 from 6, down from 7 a year ago. Speculation elsewhere on the web says that Google is penalizing people for using Text-Link-Ads. Well, if that’s the cause, hmmm, fine I guess. Up until this month, I made much more money from Text-Link-Ads […] Spam

The latest attempt to get into people’s webmail accounts is from a group Shelfari. Apparently set up as a service to help your friends learn about new books to read. They do this by getting you to give them your webmail account’s password so they can look to see if any of your friends are […]

Akismet 20,000 spam caught

I just checked my Akismet spam listing, and see that at some point on October 20th, 2007, Akismet tagged the 20,000th spam comment on my blog. Wow, amazing. And that is after tweaking WordPress to use a unique filename to process comments. Most days I get around 2 to 5 spam comments, although my gut […]

TV Sets at the Gaspump

Submitted to I just visited the BP gas station nearest my home. Sometime in the past week, they have added TV screens at each pump playing news updates and weather. Ugh! I wont’ be back, despite the convenience of this gas station. There is an Exxon across the road, which is just as convenient; […]

Verizon Billing Sucks II

Last month, Verizon screwed up my billing when I tried to change to a less expensive for the same features calling plan. The rep promised me that it would be all fixed and straightened out in my October statement. Guess what? The October statement is still screwed up. They still have me for the Triple […]

My iMac died

Well, hopefully it is only a heart attack. It was fine yesterday, went to turn it on this morning. Nothing. I read these pages at iMac G5: Troubleshooting when your computer won’t turn on iMac G5: Loose power cord could cause power loss iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues And […]

Watching Your Web Server

I have often wished I could have a real-time visual indicator of what my web server is doing. I never really got past simply using a tail command piped into a grep command so I could see interesting things. But Erlend Simonsen came up with a very cool program called glTail. It’s a Ruby script […]