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Podcast Advertising

I’m wondering if anyone out there has any experience with advertising in their podcasts. My podcast over at had 2,785 downloads in July. I’m wondering if it is worth it to try to sell advertising around that size podcast. I’m thinking of embedded audio inside the podcast. I’m experimenting with scripting SoX – Sound […]

Why I Loathe Verizon (aka Verizon Sucks)

Around two to three years ago, I signed up to get DSL from Verizon with a guaranteed price so I wouldn’t have to worry about future price increases. A few months ago, Verizon “discontinued” my DSL package, so my price increased. Their fine print allowed them to change packages, which cancelled my guaranteed price. So […]

Real World Time to Receive Spam #3

It took 7.78 days to get spam this time from my tagged email address I released last week. I’d guess the Labor Day weekend threw the spammers off. The spam was a 419 spam from an Iraqi widow.