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Real World Time to Receive Spam #6

It took 1.49 days to get spam this time from my tagged email address I released on Wednesday. Wow, that’s the quickest yet. This one was advertising a web directory service. By the way, the process I’m going through I’m calling a blogtrap.

Real World Time to Receive Spam #5

It took 11.08 days to get spam this time from my tagged email address I released earlier last week. I guess the spammers are slipping; although they did send three of the messages at once. This spam was a pharmacy scam.

Verizon Billing Sucks

Remember a couple weeks ago when I shared my glorious experiences with Verizon? And I was assured my billing would be ok? I just got my September Verizon bill in the mail. Any one want to take the bet that the billing was ok? My old billing is still in place. I called Verizon, yelled […]

Review of (Syndicating your blog)

The hottest new widget on the web is (yes, that’s an affiliate link). You put their widget on your site, then they syndicate your headlines out to other blogs in your same category. On your blog you’ll see five headlines from other blogs. You’ll get one of your headlines displayed on some other blog […]

Use mod_cband to manage apache, not mod_throttle

One of the discussions I found about monitoring my web server’s usage mentioned in passing mod_cband. So I got it installed on my CentOS box, and it looks like it is working. I’ll hammer on it this week to see how well it works. I found this article very useful: Manage Apache Download Speed And […]

mod_throttle is gone?

I need to install mod_throttle on my apache, and the author of the software has closed down his archive of it, and is refusing to respond to questions about it. That’s a very unfriendly thing to do, although I’m sure he has his reasons. Any other ideas for how to manage my apache system’s bandwidth […]

WordPress 2.2.3 Upgrade

I just upgraded all of my blogs to the latest and greatest WordPress, version 2.2.3. Whew! I’m glad that’s done. I won’t have to do it again until the next upgrade. Which is scheduled for Monday, September 24th.

News: "Pump-and-dump spam nets scammers $20 million"

It’s nice to see that sometimes scammers get caught. I’d love to know what the 15 stocks were. September 10, 2007 (Computerworld) — Federal authorities announced last week that members of a “pump-and-dump” spam group that bilked more than $20 million from na├»ve, overeager investors have all pleaded guilty. Although four men admitted to the […]

Real World Time to Receive Spam #4

It took 4.07 days to get spam this time from my tagged email address I released earlier this week. This spam was a Paypal phishing attempt, from Korea.

Zinio Sucks (as do most spammers)

Many moons ago I had a subscription to MacWorld through Zinio. Zinio is a service that gives you an electronic version of a magazine, and the subscription I got was free with some Mac purchase I made in August 2004. It actually wasn’t that bad a product, but the funky player was a hassle. I […]