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Electronic Frontier

If the Internet is an electronic frontier, spammers are cattle rustlers on the electronic frontier.

Real World Time to Receive Spam #2

On Saturday morning I wondered how long it would take spam to come into a new email address that was mentioned in a blog post (See Real World Time to Receive Spam.) The answer is: 2.02 days (2 days and 24 minutes). It was a congratulatory email that I had won a World Bank/EU lottery. […]

What does DRM stand for?

DRM = Digitally Ruined Music

Full Feeds Available

I’ve just switched back to full feeds for the RSS for PlanetMike. I turned them off a while ago when Bitacle (now (Spanish for “Sample Books”)) was stealing tons of my articles. Let me know if you prefer the full feeds or not. You can get my feed from

Filmloop shared info with Mixercast?

Back on February 3, 2006 I registered with, probably based on Guy Kawasaki’s recommendation from his blog. I don’t think I ever did anything with the system though. I also have never received any email to that address. Until today. This morning I received an email from to my Filmloop address. A Google […]

Real World Time to Receive Spam

On August 6th, I wrote about WordPress Commenting Plugin Needed. In that post I created a unique email address as an example of the hashed address I use at every web site I post at. The first piece of spam to that address came in at August 9th, at 12:50pm, only 2.97 days later, and […]

IRS Scam moved

The IRS Scam I wrote about yesterday is on another server, now in South Africa: . The from is now, and the reply-to is Many thanks to Susan who let me know that IRS phishing scams can be reported at

New Internal Revenue Service Scam

I just received two messages from the “Internal Revenue Service” sent to two different email addresses. I am going to get $109.30! The address in the From was “” while the Reply-To was “” To collect my refund, I go to “” At that page (on a server based in India) is hard coded the […]

Net Neutrality vs. Comcast

If I am paying X amount of bucks for a connection to the wider Internet, I should be able to use that connection for any content, over any protocol I wish to use. Comcast is now blocking an entire class of customers, by restricting all access to the BitTorrent protocol. I use BT to download […]

“This advertisement is presented by” spam has stopped

On March 1, 2007 I started receiving spam sent to me with a “unique” signature. The message footer always started with the phrase “This advertisement is presented by” then a company name. From March 1 through August 13, I received 5,220 spam messages. I’m not sure why they stopped on that date. Here is one […]