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Use OpenDNS for “Better” Domain Name Resolution

I’ve been using OpenDNS for my domain name servers (DNS) for the past 6 months or so. DNS is the magic that happens on the internet to connect your computer to wherever you are going. So if you wanted to go to, your computer asks your DNS for the address of If it […]

Podcast Process

My wife and I run a podcast/blog/wiki covering live theater in the Washington DC area I just spent the last 25 minutes editing the audio for a review for a show we saw on Thursday night. We use Audacity to record our conversation about the show. Audaucity lets me see our words, and it is […]

Screensavers for OS X

I have the following screen savers installed on my Powerbook: GPULife the game of Life rendered using only your video card Electric Sheep distributed computing sued to create what computers dream of when they are asleep Fracture creates fractals. View the

Today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Wow, it’s that time of year, the time when we all give our once annual pat on the back to the wonderful staff that keep the networks, computers, laptops, and servers up and running. System Administration Appreciation Day . So, Mike, this one’s for you. 🙂

Upgraded to WordPress 2.21

I’ve finally upgraded my WordPress to the newest version. There’s also a newer version of Akismet included, so hopefully when I deactivate some of my anti-spam comment features for the Blogathon on Saturday, I won’t get as much spam as I thought I might. If you see any problems with the blog, please let me […]

My first Wikipededia tweak

I just fixed a misspelling in the Wikipedia entry for M*A*S*H. Woohoo! I actually have made other changes to the Wikipedia, and created a couple entries in the past. But those were not under a username, and were simply recorded with the IP address I used at the time.

Blogging t-shirt slogans

I recently entered a contest to come up with phrases that describe blogging. I didn’t win, but here are my entries: I blog therefore I am Blog! You’re it! Think outside the blog. Parlez vous blog? Usted habla el blog? I’m bilingual, I speak English and Blog I read more blogs before 6am than most […]


Woohoo! It appears that the losers that got this web site started back in January 2005 have finally been caught and charged. See SEC Says Hijacked Computers Aided Stock Scam and The Useltons for more information. And even more info at the SEC: SEC Charges Two Texas Swindlers In Penny Stock Spam Scam Involving Computer […]