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Vonage Abusing Your Friends

Vonage, the VoIP service, has a feature where their users can refer their friends to the service. If you sign up from one of those referrals, you get a free month of service; and your friend gets two free months. In March 2006, I asked one of my friends to refer me so I could […] example at work

John Graham-Cumming’s new jeaig (jgc’s email address image generator) service seems to work just fine. The background of the image changes every time it loads. It would be great to be able to pass foreground and background color definitions so that the image could fit into a specific web site’s design. Or maybe some options […]

Finding a database of spammer’s postal mail addresses?

Since the highly effective CAN-SPAM law requires spammers to put a physical location in their spam, I was wondering if anyone has collected the addresses. It would be highly effective in SpamAssassin rules, as well as to look for trends in where the spammers are located. For example, since March 31, 2007, I’ve received 55 […]

Leaking Email Addresses from is an online music service of BMG Direct, Inc. You set up a list of cd’s you’d like to purchase, then you are shipped one CD a month for a steady price (currently at $6.99). I registered with them on Wednesday, November 2, 2005 at 3:40:31pm EST. And I used a unique email address […]

Whois limit of three queries per day?

I’m researching some spammers that have been hitting my mail server pretty heavily since March. I’ve got a list of several hundred domains, so I’ve been doing some basic research on them. I’ve used google, the host command to get their IP address, then I grabbed a few at random to check their Whois info. […]