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Using Tagged Email Addresses for Fun and Profit

Pascal van Hecke recently caught some spam that was sent to a unique email address he gave to Read the details. One problem is he used a very simple tagged address that could be easily guessed. For example, I would guess that his MyBlogLog email address is[at] So what’s to stop the spammers […]

216,031 pieces of spam collected at Gmail

In the last 3 weeks, my spam-only domain at Gmail has collected 216,031 pieces of spam. I’m interested in selling the domain. If you’re interested, email me privately.

Google sending email to webmasters?

In Better badware notifications for webmasters, Google mentions they may send email to generic addresses (like webmaster@ and admin@) to help alert webmasters that their site has “bad” stuff on it. Please don’t send alerts to “generic” addresses. Those get only spam for me. It would be great to let us webmasters to set up […]

Powered by WordPress Directory

Fitting into the “Doh! Why didn’t I think of that?” category, Powered By WordPress – launched recently. It’s a directory of the zillions of blogs and web sites that are operated by the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). I’ve started submitting my blogs to it, hopefully they will be approved.

Web 2.0 Explained in Under Five Minutes

A very cool video explaining how and why the Web is so important.

Adding An Advertisement After the First Post on a WordPress Blog

On one of my other sites we run advertising, a banner ad. Because I haven’t had time until today to figure out how to get the ad to appear after the first posting on a page, we’ve been putting the ad on every page of the site, except the home page. The include code is […]