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Snap Preview Anywhere Hurting User’s Web Experience is running a new service, Snap Preview Anywhere. It allows websites to have the links on their site show a preview of the linked site in a floating window. I have stumbled across several sites that are using this technology, and I find it distracting. I’m reading through a page, I scroll down and […]

Is Python the equivalent of Basic?

I am about to inherit a Plone based web site at my day job. So I’m reading through the docs at the Plone web site, and they say that I should learn Python. I am shortly at How to Think Like a Computer Scientist and am running my first Hello world program (command) in Python […]

Domain Registry Support; Network Solutions Whois database is down

I can’t access the Network Solutions Whois database. * WELCOME to the VeriSign Global Registry Service Whois Server. * * Sorry, the Whois database is currently down. * * Please wait a while and try again. Thanks I needed to use it to confirm the registration dates for one of my domains hasn’t passed. I […]

Chinese spiders/robots downloading mp3 files?

While running the web traffic stats for some of my podcast sites, I noticed that a bunch of my MP3 files have been downloaded a bunch of times from the same IP address. And then two seconds later, it is downloaded again. Luckily the second time apache reports a 206 (file unchanged) error. The IP […]

You think the spammers are getting frustrated by filters?

I just got this spam, do these losers really think people are going to buy prescription medicine when it is advertised like this? I assume the letters making up the larger letters are randomized. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,C:H:E:C:K O:U:R S:P:E:C:I:A:L O:F:F:E:R !!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ah us ty mm al td ep vh ag su ga zeee ok yk ch eq […]