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I’m a Published Author

Woohoo! I am now writing for The Apple Blog. My first article came out today, and of course I made a stupid mistake in it. But regardless, it’s out there. MacBook Pro vs. MacBook/iMac vs. MacBook/Mac┬ámini Now I have to continue writing one article a week.

O’Reilly Safari Signup Process Turning People Off

I googled a question about Photoshop, and one of the first page results was found in a book available in O’Reilly’s Safari service. The safari service gives you access to O’Reilly books online. I needed to signup for a free ten day/50 page account to see the info I was looking for. To actually get […] Scam Spam (Bingo)

A horribly long analysis of a scam at that is collecting email account passwords. Any new information on this would be appreciated.

Why DRM Sucks

Read The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM at Learn Out Loud.

Reason #692 to Use Your Own Domain Name

Wil Wheaton is agonizing over using his domain name for his blog vs the TypePad blog he’s been running ever since Moveable Type crashed a couple years ago. So for two years he’s been building the brand of Typepad. I think Wil (I should say Mr. Wheaton since i’be never met him, but I feel […]

Your Name on Toast

Doh! The next million pixels web site? A purple cow? Oddly misshapen burnt toast? Whatever it is, it’s a neat idea. Pay a few bucks, they write your name on a piece of toast, then link to a web site. Do they eat the toast? Is sharpie ink edible?

Tripwire has moved to Eloqua for their spam/newsletter

In July 2005, I finally added to my site’s blacklist, because would not honor my opt-out requests. I guess those bounces go nowhere, because I just got the Tripwire newsletter from, run by Blocks have been updated.

Why is there a monthly fee for RAM in a server?

I’ve been looking around for a new dedicated web host for my web sites. Can anyone tell me why adding more hardware (e.g. upgrading the RAM from 1Gb to 2GB) would cost more per month? I don’t mind paying a set up fee, but paying an extra $30/month for a stick of RAM seems weird. […]

The New Battlestar Galactica

One of my friends (hey Brad!) asked me a while ago if I had seen the Battlestar Galactica. We don’t have cable TV, so no I haven’t. But I just watched the first two seasons in 43 minutes. I downloaded Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far into iTunes. It’s a 465MB file, but it looks […]

Reason #603 to Use Your Own Domain Name

Another example of why using your own domain name is better than relying on free services out there. Change iTunes feed for Odeo podcast This user was using Odeo to create her podcast. Now she’s stuck using them, since Apple’s iTunes podcast directory has that URL. And Odeo doesn’t provide a way to get out […]