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Re: Reality Check, I Am Not Part of the New Tech Savvy Generation

In Reality Check, I Am Not Part of the New Tech Savvy Generation, James R. Stoup shares his experience in getting a new Verizon cell phone. My wife and I have switched over to prepaid Tracfone phones. Other than getting lots of calls from the previous owner of my phone number, it’s been a lot […]

Plaxo spam greeting cards, the contact management people, have an option in their privacy policy that you can opt-out of having their members send you invites or reminders. I did that back in September 2004, and haven’t received any other Plaxo garbage since then. Now Plaxo has an e-greeting card system. Which apparently feels does not have […]

The verb you should hate

Watch out! A mega-zillionaire company’s lawyers might be coming after you. Do you “Google?” details Google’s lawyers’ thoughts that we the public shouldn’t use “Google” as a verb. Give me a break, has any company ever successfully fought off John and Jane Public from using their name as a verb? The answer is “Yes, I […]

The Best PDF Manager You Don’t Know You Have

Most people have a ton of PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files scattered on their hard drives. Most are downloaded from the web, some are receipts of purchases made from the web, some are actual documents created on your computer or sent to you by co-workers. How can you keep track of all of these PDF files? […]

Anyone noticing any problems with Google Pagerank?

I was just testing the new Firefox 2.0 beta, and I noticed that now has a Google PageRank of 7. (It was at 6 back in February.) Wohoo! So of course I tested my other sites. My Washington DC theatre information site has jumped from 4 to 6, above the other two DC area […]

Telemarketing Call from Morton Penni Mortgages

I just received a blatant pre-recorded telemarketing call to my home phone number from a mortgage company in Pennsylvania. Caller ID told me it was from the phone number 215-364-9789, identified as Morton Penni. A Google search shows their information as Morton Penni Mortgages; address as 2 Bustleton Pike; Feasterville Trevose, PA 19053-6343; and their […]

OpenOffice 2.04 is out

OpenOffice 2.04 is out, and they finally have a version for OS X. The download page for OpenOffice OS X is much more nicely designed that the old international listing. I really like the question and answer process. Do you have Intel or a PowerMac, then they have a nice link to a page telling […]

Eudora is dead

Qualcomm is releasing Eudora to become a colloration with the open source project Thunderbird. Read the press releases from Qualcomm and the press release from Mozilla. So much for the exalted Real Soon update of Eudora. Now to figure out how to migrate tons of ancient mailboxes to Thunderbird.

Verizon’s Policy Blog, the “PoliBlog”

Verizon is now blogging at PoliBlog. The URL is a really nice one, very easy to remember. What is it with using technology or a design that requires three directories to get to the real content? Don’t click on the blog author’s name. They are using some kind of javascript abomination to clear out […]

Bitacle Appears to Be Editing Posts

I believe that Bitacle is editing posts before they are “archived” onto their web site. It looks like the Bitacle scraper is not displaying anything on their web site that is in an RSS feed after a horizontal rule. Hmmm, why would they do that? Oh yeah, the copyright feed plug in adds a HR […]