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SnapBot Appears to be a Broken, Bad Spider

This appeared in one my web site’s server logs: – – [10/Sep/2006:02:33:46 -0400] “GET /2005/08/28/postname/feed: HTTP/1.0” 404 12824 “-” “Snapbot/1.0” Ugh! Tons of 404s as this badly behaved spider bot added the site’s feed URL for comments to the end of each URL. SnapBot is apparently related to I’ve emailed asking for […]

Spamhaus Lawsuit spam

I received some spam on Wednesday afternoon from someone really ticked at Spamhaus. It came to my abuse email address. It came from a throwaway Yahoo email address. Comments are supposed to go to yet another yahoo email address. I reported the addresses to Yahoo. The last line of the message was “Committee to stop […]

Bitacle’s User-agent String

The Bitacle web thief was using this web agent identifier up through 25/Sep/2006:04:05:00 -0400. After that point, they identify their RSS crawler as “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-EN; rv: Gecko/20060614 Fedora/ Firefox/ pango-text” This is based on them using this IP address:

Copyright Information

Just so everyone is clear, the blog entries and other content on is copyrighted by Michael Boyd Clark, and should not be posted to any other web site. The RSS feeds I provide are for the use of the readers of my blog, not to make it easier to steal my content and put […]

The Value of e-SocietyRobot?

One of my web sites has been spidered by the e-SocietyRobot spider. It’s web site is at, slightly more legible using Babelfish. e-SocietyRobot is not a search engine. e-SocietyRobot hit 4,549 pages, no MP3 files luckily, but still used 51MB of traffic. But it is some unknown research project attempting to spider the web. […]

Re: Verizon needs to stop jerking me around

In Verizon needs to stop jerking me around Derek pegs why junk mail sucks. And a bonus, he pegs why Verizon sucks. Just yesterday my office’s T1 line went down. I call the helpful UUNet number to discover Verizon owns UUNET, or MCI, or whoever the heck it is. I have more important things to […]

Happy OneWebDay!

How has the web impacted your life? It sure has had an impact on mine. I’m a full time webmaster, a career that didn’t even exist 15 years ago. I have tens of thousands of people visit every month, something that surely wouldn’t have happened if I were printing a dead tree magazine of […]

Update on Verizon’s Supplier Surcharge

In Verizon BS: Supplier Surcharge I talked about Verizon’s increased prices of their DSL offerings. They’ve apparently decided to drop the new fee. Good. Prices should be going down, not up. The USA is lagging behind bandwidth availability when compared to the rest of the developed world. Dear Valued Verizon Online Customer, Effective immediately, Verizon […]