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Re: The value of AppleCare

Aaron Adams in The value of AppleCare gives a great example on why Applecare pays for itself. I agree, AppleCare is invaluable if you have a portable. I’m not as sold on AppleCare for desktop machines though. Desktops aren’t subjected to the same torture of being lugged around in bags, being dropped, being carried by […]

WordPress Titles

In WordCamp: SEO speech it is suggested to “Modify your title tags to say the title of the post entry first and then your blog name. (or remove your blog name from the title tag all together).” So I removed the blog name from the title on the template on one of my other WordPress […]

Re: Classic Goes Out with Nary a Whisper

In Classic Goes Out with Nary a Whisper Chris Adamson wonders if anyone will really miss Classic mode on the new Intel Macs. I don’t think most people will miss Classic. I had to rebuild my Powerbook a few weeks ago, and I decided not to install Classic at all. There were a handful of […]

Warning: The Commonwealth of VA DMV Web Site does not support Safari

If you want to see your tax dollars in action, try visiting the state (commonwealth) of Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles‘ web site using Safari. Under OS X 10.4.7, Safari 2.0.4, you can’t scroll the page so much of the content is missing. Their contact page is missing a close anchor in the top menu […]

Joy of all joys, I get to use MS Frontpage for site maintenance

I recently was asked to join the web team for my church Occoquan Bible Church. The site runs on Miscosoft servers, IIS 6, and Front Page web hosting. Ugh. I did my first tweak to the site today using regular FTP and Pagespinner. Boy, the code was sloppy. I don’t know how much of it […]

Re: ProCare: It’s about time someone noticed

I just called the staff at the Apple Store Clarendon to get clarification. They said it is per person, and they don’t really track how many computers you bring in, but if you were to bring in a different computer every day for the “annual cleaning” service they’d suggest I purchase more ProCare accounts. And […]