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YouTube user spam

I recently posted my first videos to YouTube. Less than a week later I’ve received my first spam mail from another YouTube user to my YouTube account. I can block that one user, but there is no way that I see to let YouTube staff know that one of their users is spamming. Argh! Is […]

Verizon BS: Supplier Surcharge

Verizon has added a new fee to their DSL customers. They’ve removed an ancient tax, the FUSF (Federal Universal Service Fund) and added in an almost identical new fee, a supplier surcharge. Don’t most stores simply charge their expenses for their services in something known as a price? Verizon advertises the price of DSL in […]

How Far We’ve Come

I was cleaning out some old files in an ancient file cabinet at my office and found some receipts for purchases of some Apple equipment. Think what you could get for that money today. Apple Powerbook 5300cs/100. 8MB ram, 500MB hard drive: $1,999 16MB Memory Module: $408.95 Global Village Platinum Pro PC Card (28.8bps fax/modem […]

Pump-n-Dump spammer faces SEC fraud charges

The Spam Diaries is pointing out that someone is finally being charged in penny stock fraud. Amazing, they made over $1,000,000 at penny stock fraud. And yes, the stock was selling at around a penny, so people were buying millions of shares of this company. Listen people, never buy anything that you is advertised in […]

Re: Where Do Displays Go From Here?

In Where Do Displays Go From Here? James R. Stoup asks about our first and current computer monitors. My first monitor was a 9 inch amber CGA screen, 80×25 characters of text on an IBM Portable (30 [thirty] pounds) PC. My current machine is a 15 inch Powerbook screen with an external 19 inch LCD. […]

Re: Test your ability to avoid spam

Over at Spamroll Test your ability to avoid spam, Michael Gracie asks how people did when they take the SiteAdvisor Spam Quiz. Basically, look at different sites, read their privacy policies, and decide which of the two sites is trustworthy. I got 100%, 8 out of 8 correct. Then again, I’m the webmaster for the […]

Why do I sometimes have to dial a 1?

I live in the 703 area code, which is Northern Virginia, the area near Washington DC. Sometimes when I call a 703 number, I have to dial a 1 before the 10 digit phone number. Sometimes I don’t. There is no rhyme or reason to when I need the 1. Area code 571 is generally […]

Re: Mac Server Series: Initial Set Up

In Mac Server Series: Initial Set Up Brian shares the first steps in a video on setting up a Mac as a server. He works for a web host that lets you send them a Mac Mini, and then you can run your web sites and email off of it. I priced it out, and […]

Re: iTunes MP3 Conversion

In iTunes MP3 Conversion the steps are given to convert audio files to MP3. I’d love to know why iTunes can’t import or manage aiff files. Anyone?

Funny blog comment spam attempt

While clearing out the spam that has accumulated on one of my blogs (and been successfully caught by WordPress’ Akismet spam filter) I saw this gem: Bush’s ties to Israel go back to debt consolidation and reduction WASHINGTON If there’s a starting point for George W. Bush’s attachment to Israel, it’s the day in late […]