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Feed reader decisions: Vienna vs. NetNewsWire Lite

I’m getting ready to entirely rebuild my Powerbook, so I’ve been looking around at my choices for the software I use. I’ll shortly be writing about the software that ends up on my fresh Powerbook. One of my goals is to use Open Source Software, then free software, then commercial software. I found an open […]

Microsoft adCenter junk mail

At work yesterday I received a glossy advertisement from Microsoft touting their new adCenter. Beyond the irony of using postal junk mail to advertise an online advertising platform is the irony of the opt-out method for stopping this junk in the future. If you prefer not to receive future promotional mailings of this type from […]

Re: Man Charged with Theft of Services for Using Free Wifi

It’s not illegal (or shouldn’t be if the coffee shop didn’t try to protect itself) It’s not even rude, that’s the way the ball bounces. All he had to do was go in and buy the smallest cup of coffee or a cough drop or bagel or something and he’d be ok. Did the shop […]

Re: Google Weirdness

The 9 Rules network posted a question about google results returning a wildly varying number of results. I read yesterday that Google was attempting to get rid of all of the millions of spam blogs in their index, so it makes perfect sense that other search results might be jumbled for a bit. Of course, […]

Re: The Truth about the “Apple Tax”

Another huge issue to keep in mind is that the people who are buying the $300 Dells are probably the ones who will need the most technical support. So if Apple suddenly had a zillion new users buying $300 Mac Pamphlets instead of the $1,100 Mac Book, Apple would have a lot more tech support […]

x-eudora-setting:7818 Reply to sender attribution

You can customize the text that appears in front of the text you are quoting in a reply. Simply open a new message and paste in the command in the body of the blank message. <x-eudora-setting:7818> Then double click that link. In the box that appears, simply use these codes to create the text you […]

What I want in an email client

Giles Turnbull asks what I want in a new email client for the Mac. I use Eudora for a lot of email management. Eudora’s limits needs to be fixed: (1) More than 32,000 messages in a mailbox. (2) Personalities should be able to be renamed safely. (3) better handling of filter rules that include […]

Farewell Blosxom, Welcome WordPress!

I’ve finally completed moving away from using Blosxom for my blog, and using WordPress. I started out on Saturday morning by installing WordPress 2.03, looking at the options and methods for reading the data from Blosxom, designing a template, and then writing some scripts to manage requests that come in looking for my old blog […]

Spider writers beware of other protocols

While looking through my web server logs, I see a fair number of web spiders that are making a very bad assumption: only the http is linked from a web page. The obvious counter example is https:. A web spider needs to only follow links that are http://. You can’t simply assume if the first […]

Ten days to process unsubscribe requests, One day to sign up

Earlier this week I had to buy a product from eBay. Setting aside the joy of bidding against someone for an old clicky IBM keyboard (luckily I later found one that I could Buy Now), I started receiving “helpful” newslettery things from eBay. I didn’t want them, so I went to the web site, and […]