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Miscreants using a web form

A helpful spammer found a hole in one of my old web forms. So he started blasting out email through it. I removed the script, and then captured the IP addresses of the compromised systems/bots that were trying to use it. I’d suggest you block these IP addresses. Who should this be reported to? Each […]

Augh! Michael S. Cox Response

Never mind. “Never wrestle a pig in mud, because you get dirty and the pig enjoys it.”

My first Cease and Desist Notification: Michael S. Cox isn’t a spammer?

Wow. I received my first Cease and Desist “order” today. Via email. From Michael S. Cox. Supposedly. I wonder what the legal system in Poland is like? I don’t think they would have jurisdiction over me.

Why I use tagged email addresses

I use a unique email address anyplace I need to give out my email address. This allows me to track spam and other unethical organizations that believe their “message” is more important than my privacy. A simple MD5 hash of (the domain I’m submitting to) plus (a private password) gives me a unique 32 character […]

National Geographic Adventure magazine

I stumbled across this page: One Day at a Time on the Five-Million-Step Program. I read the article, but at the end of the page was told to read the rest I should buy the June/July (2004!) issue of the magazine. Nice. This is what I asked the editors at the magazine: I just stumbled […]

Gmail Collection

Back in January I set one of my ancient domains to forward all of it’s spam to a Gmail account. (original post: Comparing Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail) I just today looked at the Gmail account to see how it’s doing. Argh! My ancient domain has filled up its hard drive with spam, so it’s been […]