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<head> has to be on its own line?

What’s the deal with the <head> command having to be on its own line on a web page? One of my older sites is busted in Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari. It only shows the page source code, until I move the head to its own line. Ugh. I thought whitespace was irrelevant.

Block 64.62.228.x

Wow, I upgraded one of my blogs ( to the enwest WordPress earlier this week. The spam fighting system is very different from earlier versions of WordPress. I received 50+ comment spam attempts starting just a few hours ago. As I was typing this entry, I received 9 more! The attempts are all registering as […]

D-link sucks

David vs. Goliath story of the day: Open Letter to D-Link about their NTP vandalism spams

Amazing. On a day a when the FTC fines a millionaire spammer a pittance of the fine due, the Washington Post ignores its privacy policy and spams me with an offer to buy their stupid dead tree paper. But yeah, the spam tells me I can opt-out! Like I should trust that, after all, my […]

Never mind

Never mind.

Blocked XMR3 family of domains

I’ve just blocked these domains, all related to each other, based on message content, message headers, and whois searches: They are sending out drivel (spam) with subject lines like “Savvy IT Pros Are Great Responders!” and “Ministry […]

Happy April Fool’s Day!

I hope you liked my little prank. Here it is (my home page reversed entirely): (Click to embiggen.)