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My Webloc Archiving Script

I cleaned my Powerbook’s desktop off this morning. The script is now posted at: Making Webloc Archives. My script merely reads the .webloc files, extracts the url, grabs the site’s favicon if there is noe, then uploads the link to a web site.

Favorite Free Mac Software

Here is my list of my favorite free Mac software: Audacity Chicken of the VNC Galerie NetNewsWire Lite Chax

My delegate is still spamming

My elected official, who obviously believes that opt-out is only for suckers, is now on my mail server’s blocklist. Bad riddance. I reported her again. This time she was connected through a Comcast connection. Let’s see if they can get her to stop. Of course, I won’t know, since I shouldn’t see her drivel any […]

What’s in your menu bar?

I change the items in my menu bar every few months. As of March 8, 2006 this is what I had: From left to right: GizmoProject: VOIP client, $5 month for an incoming phone number, portable to any computer iKey: keyboard macros DeskTopple: hides my desktop’s icons (a bit better than Backdrop) NetMonitor: shows my […]

Internet Blog Serial Number

My IBSN (Internet Blog Serial Number) is 46-00-43-9745. Of course, I can’t tell if this is a serious undertaking, or a spoof, but the number itself is random. You can choose your own! And you can get a bar code too. Oooohhhh! Update: 2008-01-06 5:45pm: It’s a porn site now, so I removed the link. […]

Web Browser Usage

While cleaning my office, I found some ancient web server logs. I started playing with them and realized I could run a web browser chart to see how popular various web browsers really are. The site these logs are generated from is a small site that is not actively updated any longer. I don’t want […]

My State Delegate spams, or at least doesn’t honor opt-out requests

I was once a part of my state delegate’s bill reading group, as well as have talked with her about issues in the past. But now she emails me at my regular email address, not the tagged one I asked her to use. So I finally have filed a spam repor. Hopefully the postmaster -at- […]

Guess what happens on March 26, 2006

If the current trends were to somehow magically hold steady through the end of the month, I’ll pass someone else’s Alexa rank on March 26, 2006. Here’s proof (after all, if there is a cool chart [well, it’s not real cool, this is just a quick and dirty Excel chart], it must be true!)