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to www or not to www?

I know there are some efforts out there to get web sites to stop using the www, but I still believe that a web site should resolve to the same place no matter if the user is entering or Just now, I ran across two sites that don’t come up at all if […]

And my PageRank is …

So, the Alexa thing is kinda geeky, but useless. What other metrics can I find? Google’s pagerank of course. I found a cool Firefox extension SearchStatus that shows both the Google PageRank and the Alexa Rank in the status bar. is a PageRank of 6. Booya. lol. ESBN 97339-060224-890526-68

I found a Tiger Security Bug!


Alexa rank at 690,887

Wow, Alexa thinks is ranked #690,887. Does that mean that there are only 690,886 web sites that get more traffic than I do? Wow, that’s actually kind of impressive. Here’s a traffic button/ad thing for Alexa: If you don’t see it, that’s because it is a javascript thing.

AOL users and list confirmations

Someone just signed up for a mailing list on my day job’s web site. Our system uses Mailman, which sends a confirmation email back to the email address given to get confirmation that the address should be added to the mailing list. An AOL user filed a spam complaint about the confirmation message. Now, that […]

PCMagazine is spamming?

I always register with a unique email address whenever I need to register somewhere. It makes it very easy to track spammers or other companies that choose to violate their privacy policy. Just today, I received an email from PC Magazine. They lie: “You indicated that you want to receive special Ziff Davis offers when […]

PlanetMike web traffic updated

Yesterday during the Super Bowl I ran the web traffic logs for And discovered that dozens of people at are leaching images from my web site for use on their profile pages. So I am now changing those images to be an ad for my web site. I wonder how long my images […]


OneWebDay What are you going to do for the Web on September 22?