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SlashDot (or /.)

Slashdot, news for nerds. Maybe the original blogging site, technical article summaries from around the world, with commentary from the technical elite (aka nerds).

Apple Front Row

The new iMacs with the embedded iSight camera also have a nifty piece of software called Front Row. It allows easy access to audio, video, movies, and photos. To make it work on other Macs, check out How To Install Apple’s Front Row.

Gmail accuracy drops to nearly 7%

My gmail test account is filling up. 2,655 messages are in my Inbox; with 35,536 in my Spambox. Gmail left 6.95% of incoming messages in the Inbox. All messages coming into my account are spam from a dead domain created years ago.

Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail comparison update

I forwarded mail from my spam-collection domain to new accounts at Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail. Yahoo and Hotmail didn’t allow any spam at all to get into the Inbox. Of course, Hotmail had an easier time since they only accepted 926 messages, while Yahoo accepted 4,149. Gmail accepted 3,068, allowing 224 (7.30%) into the Inbox. […]

Comparing Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail

Derik suggested a comparison between Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail. Glad to oblige. Last night I set up virgin email accounts at each service. Then I redirected all mail from my spam ridden domain to each address. It’s been a looong time since I’ve used Yahoo or Hotmail, so I figured it would be interesting […]

Gmail Accuracy Now at 5%

After 1 day, 18 hours, Gmail has correctly tagged 9,819 messages as spam; and allowed 527 pieces into my Inbox. That is a 5.1% error rate. I’m also using 66Mb (2%) of my 2,686 Mb of storage space.

Gmail at 6%

After only 18 hours, Gmail has caught 3,930 messages and let through 267 messages. That is allowing about 6% of the spam through.

Hammering with spam

I have redirected email from a domain that gets nothing but 3,000+ pieces of spam a day to a new account. In the first 5 minutes, Gmail is batting 23 for 25. That is, it correctly identified 23 pieces of spam as spam, and incorrectly identified 2 pieces of spam as ham (not spam). […]

CSS Typography

An interesting article, detailing lots of information about using CSS to format typefaces used on web sites: CSS Typography.

Network Solutions and Firefox

I just tried to renew some domains at Network Solutions (for work, not for me) using Firefox 1.5 under OS X. All I get after logging in and making a selection is a blank screen. Great.